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Bonus Hunting
November 11 23:31
Cashback at online casinos
Have you ever received cashback at an online casino? Do you know how this kind of bonus works? Do you know all the nuances of the rules? The article t...
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About Casino
November 12 16:19
Casino VIP customer life : "You
will be given everything"
What is the life of a VIP client of a big casino? What makes it, except for frequent play on very large bets? How do gambling operators attract and ke...
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About Casino
November 12 21:02
Casino mistake worth $180,000
What can happen if the table layout at the casino has just one wrong number? Ask the former heads of the gambling club Grand, in the American city of...
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About Casino
November 12 17:48
Modern technologies at the service
of the casino
Owners of the largest casinos do not rely only on the attention of the croupier, the experience of pit bosses and the enhanced vision of security offi...
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Gambling psychology
October 4 00:54
A unique experiment: how does the brain of gambling addict work d...
What happens in the brain of a gambler when he puts real money on the line and watches the gameplay? Researchers from BBC Panorama conducted a unique...
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Five best game developers for online casinos
Casinoz has prepared a short overview of the best manufacturers of online casino software. Five brands were chosen not without a subjective factor, because it was based on the opinions of authors and readers of our site. Details are discussed in separate articles about each of them.
Playing in online casinos for free and for money
Today online casinos have a lot of interesting free offers. It may be no deposit bonuses, tournaments with no entry fee, generous prizes and so on. We will tell you where to find all the "tasty" in online casinos. And you should properly use this information.
How do online casinos pay out?
You can withdraw money from an online casino in many ways, although the choice of methods available in each casino is different. So that the process was not problematic and has led to the emergence of unexpected difficulties, you should consider some important aspects. We an article about some of them and tried to explain basic provisions as much easy as possible.
Payouts in online casinos
One of the main reasons that many players still refuse to register in online casinos is their lack of confidence that they will get the money. On the other hand, there are those who open a casino account, without specifying a method to withdraw the winnings. This article will help you understand what you should pay attention when reading the user agreement.
If weak training does not help, a strong workout won't do. You know this saying? So, forget this utter stupidity that has ruined many good people. It is not necessary for any one sphere of activity, including casinos. If you want to learn how to play with the maximum benefit (or with minimal losses), be sure to practice. For these purposes use the perfect training routine, in which you can experience the most online games.
Best casino games
Choosing the best casino games is based on a decision why you have come to the casino. If you are interested in just fun, rely on your own preferences. If you need the best result, prefer games where you can minimize the mathematical advantage of the casino or even get rid of it. Read more about them in our article.
Confidence when playing in an online casino
Any respectable casino does everything in it's power to strengthen its credibility and trust of users. It has all the necessary documentation, an open policy towards customers, pays good money to independent auditors and invests a lot in site design and participation in social programs. All allows potential players to ensure the reliability of the casino and reduces their fear of being cheated.
How to choose the best game at online casino?
What is the best game? By what criteria is it determined? Is there any common principle of selecting it? We want to talk about it in the article on choosing the best games in online casinos. It is useful for beginners who have not yet decided on their preferences and are in search of the optimal casino fun.
Game pace in online casinos
Should a game be fast or slow? Ask regular casino visitors this question, and you will hear different answers. In fact, the high pace of the game is more profitable for a casino, not players. In this article you will get an Casinoz, we have tried to explain in detail why the increase in the speed of the game plays into the hands of the casino.
The most popular question about online gambling
Most people perceive everything new that appears in the world quite wary. The first online casinos appeared more than fifteen years ago, and many players are still afraid to play in them. And the reason is that nobody was able to explain them that playing there is profitable, easier and more enjoyable than in real casinos. We will give answers to the most common questions about virtual casinos. If you have not yet decided to become their customer yet, be sure to read it.
How to register in the casino and start to play
The registration process in online casinos rarely causes difficulties for a careful and responsible person. Be thoughtful enough to read the user agreement and correctly complete the registration form when you open an account to avoid any problems. The recommendations given in this article will help you avoid common mistakes.
Basic understanding of the random number generator in online casinos
The games offered in online casinos operate on the random number generator, although the word "random" in this situation is not entirely justified. How exactly the process of determining the outcome of a single drawing works, you will learn from our article about operating principles of the RNG. It will give you a basic understanding of this component of the online casino software.
Tips for Casino Players
Playing in a casino is not only exciting, but also very responsible process. At every stage, a beginner can make a lot of mistakes. To help you avoid them, we have prepared a list of important recommendations, intended primarily for those who are going to become a client of online casinos. They describe the basic aspects of the game and will be useful to anyone who is going to dive into the world of gambling.
Playing in a casino for fun
In this article we will discuss playing in a casino for fun. And it is not even about the training bets. Many customers do not come to have fun and a good time. However, many of them have skills, tactics and strategies, but achieve worse results than people struggling to make the game a source of income.
Common misconceptions about online casinos
The best way to get rid of misconceptions about online casinos is to play in them. Even on training bets. But many people are so stubborn, they do not want to even hear about playing on the Internet. We will try to dispel some misconceptions about online casinos. Perhaps it will help you change your mind about them.
Online casino players and factors of trust
British scientists conducted a large-scale study, during which they found out according to what principle people choose gambling establishments. The authors conducted large-scale sociological surveys, arranged practical experiments, processed huge amounts of information. The conclusions they reached are described in this article.
Why do you lose more than win in casinos?
How are gambling games managed? Why casinos remain almost always in black, if the administration does not make mistakes? How to play to reduce the chance of losing? These and some other questions we are trying to answer in this review article. It will be useful and interesting, especially for newcomers who make the first steps in the offline and online casinos.
Useful advices to players of online casinos
When starting to play at an online casino, it is very easy to make a lot of mistakes. They are available at every stage: a selection of places, registration, deposits, the first bet, receiving bonuses and so on. That is why you should never rush out and start playing for real money. We have prepared for you a few advice that will tell you which direction to go.
Features of Russian-Language Online Casinos
If you like online gambling and can speak Russian, you should take a look at Russian online casinos. There are a lot of versions of Russian casinos that are available in several languages, including English, so it is not even necessary to know Russian. We have prepared a review article about the types of Russian casinos, their key features, advantages, and disadvantages. It will help you to deal with the general situation and make the best choice.
Free gambling in online casinos
An opportunity to test online gambling casinos by conventional bets during an unlimited time can be safely assumed one of the main advantages of online gambling. Think about it, this allows customers a lot: get acquainted with the interface, check the betting system to practice the skills of the game on the optimal strategy, just have fun and so on. Read more about a training mode of the game in an online casino, read the article from Casinoz.