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Keno is a game with uncomplicated rules that allow users to win a large amount for a small bet. Despite the very high house edge in keno, it is very popular among players from different countries. Currently, it is possible to play one or the other kind of keno anywhere in the world. It is also available at online casinos.
Date : 2011-05-11
It seems at first glance that Stravaganza is very similar to the classic blackjack, but it has a number of significant differences, which do not allow considering it as a kind of this famous and popular game.DescriptionFive standard 52-card decks...
Date : 2011-01-18
Perhaps you have not heard of such a card game. However, it does not mean that you can not play it. In some countries possible variations of rummy games are often referred to as bridge, although they have very little in common with the real bridge. In general, a group of rummy games...
Date : 2010-08-02
The game of chance, which is often called Wheel of Fortune, is common in gambling establishments of many countries and regions. It is a vertical roulette-style wheel with several numbered sectors. Players make bets on the winning one and a successful outcome leads to receiving payouts calculated according to special odds. Details of the rules of this game and its variations are discussed in this article.
Date : 2010-04-03
Internet users have had the opportunity to take part in drawings of the world's most popular lotteries since recently. It is just necessary to register on the special websites that serve as intermediaries. Thanks to them, the U.S. lottery Mega Millions has also become available for residents of other countries. The article deals with its basic rules and key features.
Date : 2010-03-31
Red dog is a popular game at online casinos, whose basic principle is the spread between values of playing cards. Rules for red dog do not require a fixed amount of decks, so different online casinos offer their versions of this game played by eight, one...
Date : 2010-03-23
Bingo is one of the most popular casino games in many countries. Fans of this game gather together in special establishments in order to participate in the game and win the pot. There are a lot of online versions of bingo that allow customers to play directly against the house. General rules and variations are discussed in this article.
Date : 2010-03-21

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