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Scammers have tried to hack slot machines starting from the appearance of the first models. Initially, they hacked the mechanical slot machines, then switched to automatic devices, and later began to cheat when playing electronic video slots based on random number generators. Fraudsters also do not shy away from the online casinos. We will tell you about the traditional methods of hacking slot machines, but we want to warn you not to use them for practical purposes.
Date : 2017-10-03
Tommy Carmichael inscribed his name in the history of Las Vegas as a skillful slot cheater. Over the years, he managed to cheat when playing slot machines and video poker games at most casinos. Together with his accomplices, he stole several million dollars. The life of the famous cheater, his methods, techniques and unique tools invented by him are described in our article available on the portal Casinoz.
Date : 2017-09-28
Do you think that scammers are marking cards or using secret signs? These tricks are being used only by low-skilled fraudsters. Even contact lenses and microcameras are out of date. Real professionals choose modern technologies, attacking casinos from unexpected sides. Crown Casino in Melbourne, which lost thirty-three million dollars, became a victim of such fraudsters.
Date : 2017-01-16
In 2004, three gamblers from Eastern Europe beat the Ritz Casino in London and kept a couple of million pounds, using mobile phones and a computer to predict winning numbers. The fraudsters were arrested by the police. Their guilt was practically proved, but the subtleties of the British legislation did not allow holding scammers to account or at least taking money back. The details of this memorable affair are described in our article below.
Date : 2016-12-29
Many land-based casinos all over the world suffered from the actions of the "Cutter Gang". Its members, working as a team, beat the gambling houses at baccarat tables. They used tiny cameras to find out the sequence of cards in the decks when cutting. It is interesting to note that none of them was caught red-handed, so none of the scammers was arrested. They were not even fined.
Date : 2016-12-26
The card cheat Phuong Quoc Truong, also known as Pai Gow John, organized a scam at American casinos and deceived them while playing blackjack. Phuong Quoc Truong cooperated with several accomplices, including specially trained dealers. The croupiers dealt cards in a certain order, and the organizer of fraud showed his accomplices with a special sign how to act during the gameplay. Details of the scam are discussed in the article.
Date : 2016-12-08
Several dozens of fraudsters cheated U.S. casinos, stealing chips at the roulette tables. The basic principles of their activities that helped them to stay afloat for a long time were an elaborate scheme of scam, well-orchestrated manner of action, lack of greed, and the ability to select suitable gambling houses. The article may help our readers to become familiar with the achievements of this gang and to find out whether they have succeeded or not.
Date : 2016-12-07
You have probably never heard of a mechanical roulette called Straperlo. However, this model played an important role in the political life of one European country in the first half of the twentieth century. Taking into consideration the fact that this device was a fraud, its story ended barely after its beginning, but it made a lot of noise and led to serious changes in policy.
Date : 2015-09-30
Fake banknotes is laborious and complicated work, because each banknote has many degrees of protection. But making fake casino chips is much easier. Louis Colavecchio was engaged in making them in almost industrial scale and achieved a fantastic success in this field. His chips were printed by makeshift equipment and it was almost impossible to distinguish them from the originals. It brought huge profits to this cheater.
Date : 2014-05-31
Ida Summers has succeeded greatly in cheating in blackjack. First she stole a card and put it into the game at the right moment, and then learned how to replace the whole deck. She also knew how to use her beauty on the casino employees by cranking their portfolio. Read in this article about the story of this amazing woman.
Date : 2013-07-07
This guy is certainly not in the list of top cheaters , although the casino where he systematically won took him to court and accused of cheating. However, it did not work out because Gonzalo Garcia- Pelayo was acquitted. He won in different places over a half million euros is not quite standard, but also not an original way. Read on about how he managed to win at roulette.
Date : 2013-05-14
Working in the department supervising gambling operators with access to the source code of pseudorandom number generators and with the necessary programming knowledge you can learn how to win in the casino. Anyway, Ronald Harris well managed it for some time now. And he got caught out of stupidity when he had was no case and even no documents.
Date : 2013-04-12
Most casino cheaters end their career in jail or sent to another world. But such a sad fate awaits not all cheaters. Some stop this dangerous activity . One of these adventurers is famous Richard Marcus. For decades, he fooled dozens of casinos, and then became famous as the author of several books about the cheating in the casinos. We will talk about him in this article on
Date : 2013-03-28
Can I use a computer to calculate the result of a spin on the roulette wheel? We will not go into a long argument, because back in the seventies, a group of young enthusiasts The Eudaemon did it. They were not the first who was able to beat the roulette table in this way, but this does not make their merits less. Moreover, they were not going to become professional gamblers.
Date : 2012-05-21
Whatever skeptics say, women are usually smarter and wiser than men. They act more rationally even at cheating. The story of Sherry Skansen , a cheater , who in the nineties was a member of the Richard Marcus team, confirms that . She quickly achieved success , but stopped in time , so she was never caught by the security service .
Date : 2012-04-22
Most gamblers earn a living in casino cheating, sooner or later are caught and end up in prison. Brent Eli Morris was a talented conman who skillfully changed the rates on the tables for craps. He worked (if it can be considered work) almost every day, but ended up in jail.
Date : 2012-03-26
Baccarat is traditionally considered a game of aristocrats. However, it is connected with it a scandal involving the future King of Great Britain Edward VII. He wasn't cheating, his close friend did, but the very participation of the Prince of Wales was the forbidden and this game became a shock to the public. This story is known as the "royal baccarat scandal".
Date : 2012-03-22
Casino games always attracted a lot of cheaters. Among them there are all sorts of people . Sometimes genius gamblers are those who previously did not even think about such career. Something similar happened to Duke Wilson, who was a marijuana dealer and became a master in various cheaters on the roulette . He did stunts which went down in history under the dealers' noses.
Date : 2011-10-13
If you think that you can not step on three times the same rake, you are deeply mistaken. Pierre Dugal is a famous swindler, who lived in France in the nineteenth century and three times got into a prison because he was unfaithful to their wives, his accomplices in a dangerous trade.
Date : 2011-06-09
"It is immoral to leave a fool his money", "Smith and Wesson beats four aces" - these and other phrases can be heard in many films about the card cheaters . But few people know that their author was Canada Bill Jones , the legendary card cheater of the nineteenth century. He did not work not alone, but with many other cheaters , so there is quite a lot information about him.
Date : 2011-04-27

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