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Caravan Poker Review

The review by the dictionary of gambling games - Casinoz, describes a new online video poker produced by GameScale company. It reminds the classic Jacks or Betters, but offers special indexes for calculation of payoffs by some combinations and makes difference to the traditional models by its unusual interface in Oriental style. All features of this game are carefully described in the following article.

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Where to Play Caravan Poker?

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You can look for «Caravan Poker» video poker in the online casinos cooperating with GameScale. For example, the experts of Casinoz we testing this model in EuroMoon Casino free.
Meanwhile, we are looking for your responses about this model. Please share your opinions in comments to the article and rate this game with stars.

Online casino with Caravan Poker

How to Play Caravan Poker (GameScale)

«Caravan Poker» is design in style which answers its name. The background is an image of the oriental palace in an oasis in the middle of the desert. Now about its rules. 
The standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used in this game. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is to make a poker combination provided by the rules. It is allowed to change up to five cards free, but only once.
It is possible to play by one or five hands. The model accepts up to five coins of value in range from ten cents to five euro per each of them.
Classic poker combinations from a pair of jacks to royal flush win in «Caravan Poker». Please pay your attention that payoff by Royal Flush is increased disproportionally in draw by five coins (to compare: (250, 500, 750, 1000 and 4000).
We don't have any information about the theoretical payback of this video poker.
The customer has to select quantity of hands to play by and place his bets per each of them. Then the virtual dealer deals five cards to him.
The user has to pick cards to hold. Then exchange of cards is made, but it is not necessary.
In game by five hands, first the cards are dealt on the start line only. When the customer selects which of them to hold in the game, they are duplicated by all positions. However new cards on the rest hands are dealt from the special decks and doubles are impossible.
If the customer has a combination provided by the rules by the end of the round, he is charged with a payoff.
It is possible to collect the win immediately or stake the whole amount or its half in the gambling feature. One open card and few face-down appear at the screen in this round. It is necessary to reveal any of face-down cards randomly. If it is higher that the open one, your payoff is doubled up. In the opposite case the customer loses his money.
It is possible to play several times running in the gambling feature but there is no right for mistake.

Caravan Poker Bonus games

Any prize rounds or extra payoffs are not provided by the rules. The only bonus feature is the increased payoff by Royal Flush in the draw by five coins.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Caravan Poker».

Caravan Poker Interface

In spite of the original background, the interface of this game is quite traditional for video pokers.
The control panel with different buttons and informational windows is situated in the bottom part of the screen. There are special elements to pick the lines, set up number of coins and their denomination.
If you stake on one hand only, the pay table is situated above the cards. In case of game on five hands, the table moves to the left.
There is the question mark in the right top corner of the screen, which opens the rules.
The user’s settings allow to switch off the sound and maximize the screen.
It is not necessary to download «Caravan Poker» video poker, because you can play right at the website of an online casino.

Should You Play Caravan Poker for Real Money?

If you feel boring playing classic kinds of video poker, you can try your luck in «Caravan Poker», although this model can hardly be called too unusual. However many gamblers should like an opportunity to stake a half of a payoff in the gambling feature.
We would like to remind you that you better always play by five coins. Otherwise, you lose an opportunity to fight for the increased payoff by royal flush and low down the theoretical payback index.
The general rules of video poker are discussed in the special article published at Casinoz. Recommendations by the strategy are available in the special department. You can also use advises for Jacks or Better fans because these models are very similar.
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