Jacks or Better Review

It is hardly possible to find a software producer in field of online gambling who has released few video pokers, but haven't included a version of «Jacks or Better» into his gaming assortment. It is one of the most popular and wanted models which lots of the best gamblers have been grown on. Here we suggest you to read a review of «Jacks or Better» released by GloboTech company.

8.71 /10

Play Jacks or Better

«Jacks or Better» is a classic online video poker which is played with one deck of fifty two cards with no jokers by the standard rules.
The aim of the game is to make a paid combination replacing from one to five cards free when necessary. The minimal winning combination of «Jacks or Better» is a pair of jacks, while the maximal is traditionally remaining royal flush.
Playing «Jacks or Better» video poker is possible betting from one to five coins. The denomination range is provided by the casino administration. The customer gets no preference when he plays by the maximal bet, that’s why an amount of the bet plays no principal part.
The general rules of video poker are discussed in the special article of «Rules» directory of Casinoz. If you have something unclear, you can find answers there.
The customer sets up coin value and places the bet. Then he receives five face-up cards and decides, which of them to hold. New cards are dealt instead of the folded. If a combination is formed, the player gets a payoff according to the index table.
Then he has to decide whether to collect the win or stake it in the gambling feature. In this round he would have to try to find a card higher than the open one among four face-down cards. It has to be done from the first attempt. Lucky choice doubles up the payoff, but the wrong choice leads to the loss of the bet.

Jacks or Better Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts in «Jacks or Better».


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Jacks or Better» video poker.

Jacks or Better Interface

The interface of «Jacks or Better» is typical for all video pokers developed by GloboTech. The model imitates the real machine in the casino hall. The control panel with the following buttons is situated under the screen:
  • Bet One – set up an amount of the bet.
  • Bet Max – play by five coins.
  • Hold – hold a card.
  • Cash Out – collect money.
  • Deal – deal the cards.
You can hold the cards before exchange by click at each of them. To select the coin value, just pick an appropriate coin or bill under the control panel.
When a paid combination is formed «Double Game?» title appears at the screen. You just have to click «Yes» or «No».


There is no sense to discuss details of «Jacks or Better» video poker once again. We have already describe it in different reviews published at Casinoz and have even provided you with the optimal strategy of this game available by the link.
Talking about «Jacks or Better» model by GloboTech, we can say that it is the high quality video poker which has everything the real fun of this category of gambling games needs.

Where to play Jacks or Better for free or real money?

It is easy to find «Jacks or Better», because it is presented in many online casinos powered by the software developed by GloboTech. You can play this video poker by real money or by the virtual bets in AzartPlay Casino. Moreover, video pokers are also available right at Casinoz without registration, but only by the virtual bets.
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