Red Dog Review

«Red Dog»looks like no other existing card game. Only a small range of the specialists and citizens of few regions know about its variations named Acey-Deucey, In-Between and other.

«Red Dog» and its variations are rarely met in the land-based casinos, while it is quite popular in the online casinos. Now we would like to talk about online version of this exciting game presented by GloboTech company.

7.33 /10

Play Red Dog

The aim of the game in «Red Dog» is to guess if the third card is higher or lower of the first two.
«Red Dog» is played with the traditional pack of fifty two cards without jokers. The croupier shuffles the cards before every deal. The lowest card is deuce and the highest is ace. Suits have the same values.
It is possible to play by one box and stake from one to one hundred dollars.
The player staked on Bet field and then the croupier deals two cards. If their values are sequent (for example, deuce and trey, jack and queen or king and ace), drawn game is announced and the bet goes back to the player.
Values of first two cards can be qual. In such case the third card is dealt. If it has the same value, the customer’s bet is paid as 11:1. In the opposite case it is drawn game again.
However cards values vary over one step much more often and the croupier announces spread. It means the number of card values between two dealt cards at the table (for example, spreads five in case of four and ten).
After it marks an appropriate field of the special table at the table. There you can find payoff indexes:
  • Spread from 4 to 11 – 1:1
  • Spread 3 – 2:1
  • Spread 2 – 4:1
  • Spread 1 – 5:1
At the following stage the customer has to decide if he doubles up the bet (Raise) or not. Then the dealer opens the third card. If it is inside of the spread, the player gets a payoff by the current index. If not, he loses the bet. If the third card is equal to one of the first two, it also means loss.

Red Dog Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Red Dog» card game developed by GloboTech.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Red Dog».

Red Dog Interface

The playing field of «Red Dog» has the special layout, which consists of betting boxes and the table with spread indexes. In the top part of the screen of «Red Dog» you can see the table with the range of bets and the window where an amount of the bet and the win are displayed in.
The control panel is situated in the right bottom corner of the screen. It consists of several user-friendly buttons which help of which you can stake and raise the bet.
There are just few user’s settings here.


The rules of «Red Dog» game are extremely plain. The strategy is neither complicated. Please read more about it in the special articles published at Casinoz. Meanwhile, «Red Dog» model developed by GloboTech perfectly suits for the first experience of playing such game, improving your skills and real bets.

Where to play Red Dog for free or real money?

You can play «Red Dog» game by the real money or in the trainmen mode in many online casinos powered by the software developed by this producer. If you only want to test «Red Dog» without registration by the virtual bets, you can make it right at our website too.
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