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The driving force of Devintrogs is a group of young specialists, who form the basis of the company's business. Their task is to create new ideas and help customers to follow the nuanced market trends. This task obliges all employees of the company to work on advanced technologies in order to satisfy the high expectations of customers. Again and again, taking the next mission on, the company succeeds, because Devintrogs adheres to the basic rule - "Be a Professional".

People who are far from gambling industry will hardly believe that the motto that helps leaders of the industry to thrive is "Be Honest". Honesty of comrades holds the team together. Honesty of partners ensures fulfillment of promises in time, and provides the 100% return of investments. Honesty guarantees that players will get more for their money. Honesty establishes trust that is the most valuable asset of the company. The company shares its rich experience, it is prepared for a productive and long-term cooperation.

Moreover, even those who are already firmly established both on online and offline market of gambling games will surely find something interesting in the catalog, because its logo, name and gaming traditions open up broad prospects for fulfilled and reputable gambling houses. You will get the largest database of clients with the help of Devintrogs.

The company monitors that news about big winnings and jackpots should be spread instantly around the world through the Internet, attracting more and more people. Indeed, the fact that players are playing in the same room with the winner makes them believe in luck. That's the reason why Devintrogs helps good news to reach the target audience as quickly as possible.

The company constantly expands its range of products, and can satisfy requirements of any client. The team of Devintrogs has made great efforts to update new solutions, and develop modern products. The organization provides a full range of services related to games: development, setup, implementation and maintenance. Devintrogs has an immense experience in this field, but if any misunderstanding occurs, the hotline of the company will solve all problems that may arise.

Employees of Devintrogs are proud that their clients accept new developed games. Firstly, the organization receives feedback from participants. This invaluable data exchange has the highest priority while making decision concerning the implementation of a new game or a specific version of an existing one.

Secondly, the best methods have been actively implemented in land-based casinos, and clients actually learn how to play in the true spirit of the game. It is important to understand that everything is possible in the game, otherwise no one would play. If even the smallest details are neglected, it can lead to unexpected results.

Everything is well coordinated on Devintrogs. When designers and programmers have deeply felt the game, the work is in full swing. The final product is born due to hot discussions, and everybody is looking forward to being able to try the game tester. Only after a thorough study of the game, it is offered to customers. However the process does not end there.

The product undergoes further improvements after the release, aimed at making it closer to the ideal.

All games depending on their categories are divided into groups.

Card games:

Color, location, sound are provided to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino or club. The company has decided to abandon an animation of a dealer or hands, as this may distract attention of clients from the game. Indeed, the presence of the dealer is always perceptible, and the player should think only about the game.


The name of this simple, but exciting game derives from the Italian "Baccarat", which means zero. The origins of Baccarat date back to Middle Ages. In modern casinos games of baccarat are almost always monitored. The game itself does not require any special skills from the player.


This game comes from France, but eventually it has become one of the most popular games in the United States. Experienced players use different strategies to increase payouts, so many casinos may slightly change their rules.

Caribbean Stud poker:

This poker version comes from Caribbean islands, and it should be the first game that could provide players with a progressive jackpot. The game resembles blackjack, but it offers even higher bets. Big victories attract many players, but certain specific skills are necessary for playing Caribbean Stud poker.

Board games;

Bright and clear 3D animation of bones and roulette balls are recreated. The developed design of gaming control provides the maximum shake with the minimum click.


Roulette (literally translated as "a small wheel") was invented in France. It is supposed to be a by-product of a perpetual motion machine, a device for experiments of Blaise Pascal. Rules for the game along with the device itself have been changed many times since the seventeenth century. Here winnings depend on your experience and, of course, your luck at the table.


A wide range of available slots meet the highest expectations of even the most experienced users. They simply can not wait to get away from reality and get a boost of adrenaline. Unique decoration creates an authentic atmosphere of the good old hall of slot machines.

Slots are legendary one-armed bandits of the American invention, which currently bring two-thirds of the total income of US casinos. Initially they were fully mechanical devices. Currently slots are controlled by microelectronics.

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