Card Roulette Review

The review of a board game called Wild Viking released by Playtech has been recently published on the portal Casinoz. Now we want to present you a similar model developed by GloboTech and called Card Roulette. It can't be said that Card Roulette is a kind of Wild Viking, because they have a lot of significant differences.

7.70 /10

Play Card Roulette

Card Roulette is a gambling board game manufactured by GloboTech. It is similar to roulette, but a standard 52-card deck with one joker is used in it instead of the wheels and ball.
The aim of the game is to predict the cards that the dealer will deal and win the game by making one or more bets on the appropriate fields.
Card Roulette has an unusual table layout. It resembles those that are used in roulette, but cards from the deck are marked instead of numbers. In addition, there are fields for bets on red and black, cards from deuces to sevens and from nines and to aces, odd and even cards. Gamers can also wager on a suit or a joker.
In the upper right corner there is a field for the poker bet.

As soon as the bets are placed, the croupier deals five cards face down. The player randomly selects one of them. It determines winning roulette bets. Then all five cards are revealed and it becomes clear whether the poker bet has won or not.

Bets and Multipliers
Let's discuss roulette bets in Card Roulette and payouts for them:

  • On one card - 51:1
  • On two cards - 25:1
  • On a joker and two deuces - 16:1
  • On a joker and four deuces - 9:1
  • On four cards - 12:1
  • On four cards of the same rank - 12:1
  • On eight cards - 5:1
  • On a suit - 3:1
  • Even chances - 1:1

The poker bet is placed on one field, and the payout depends on a hand:

  • Pair of jacks and higher - 1:1
  • Two pairs - 3:1
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • Straight - 12:1
  • Flush - 22:1
  • Full house - 25:1
  • Four of a kind - 45:1
  • Straight flush - 100:1
  • Royal flush - 150:1
  • Four of a kind with a joker - 250:1

Bets can be mixed.

Card Roulette Bonus games

There are no bonus payouts in Card Roulette.


Progressive jackpots are not provided.

Card Roulette Interface

The gameplay in Card Roulette is controlled by the following buttons:

  • Spin is used to start the game
  • Clear is used to remove all bets
  • Double allows increasing the bet twice
  • Repeat is used to repeat the previous bet

Settings allow users to disable animation. If you click on the label with the indication of the betting range, the paytable will appear.


If you like original board and card games, Card Roulette is able to amuse you. It is quite easy to calculate the odds for each bet. You should just take into account the real probability of the victory and compare it to the multiplier.

Where to play Card Roulette for free or real money?

You'll find Card Roulette at Azart Play Casino and other online casinos running on software released by GloboTech. It is possible to test Card Roulette for fun without registration directly on the portal Casinoz.

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