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Tigre de Cristal that is the first casino in the Primorye gaming zone will be opened on August 28. Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, a gambling tycoon and son of the legendary Stanley Ho, is going to become the world's first famous operator that will build a casino in Russia. Thus, Russia starts competing with Macau for the Asian high rollers. Why such a top-rated investor has become interested in Primorye? Who is going to attend this casino? Which benefits can be provided for Primorye? Why this casino is c
Date : 2015-06-19
The golden time for high rollers and "dirty" money in Macau is probably coming to an end. The unprecedented drop in revenue of casinos, lasting 12 months, has forced owners of gambling corporations and city authorities to search for the ways out of the crisis. Why there is a sharp decline in revenue? Why is it observed now? Will it be the market reversal from high rollers to the players of the middle class? Read about this in the article prepared for you by the portal Casinoz.
Date : 2015-06-18
Experienced users always pay attention to such an important indicator as the theoretical payout percentage before choosing a slot machine. It allows understanding the sum of wagered money that is returned to players in the form of payouts in the long run. But how do you know the payout percentage of the certain video slot for any particular period of time? We'll tell you about a few simple and accessible ways to obtain this information.
Date : 2015-06-11
Las Vegas is trying to ruin reputation of a place where people like to destroy the old buildings. While the old casinos are exploded and exchanged for shiny new resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, in the heart of the city inhabitants are trying to update its image without forgetting the past. The Golden Gate, which was the first hotel and casino in Las Vegas, was restored not so long ago. It was the first brick building of Vegas. It is 109 years old and it has never been demolished. You can become f
Date : 2015-06-09
2014 was a disaster for U.S. gambling. Many casinos were closed or became bankrupt, their income was record low. The budgets of states missed tens of millions of dollars of tax revenue. The gambling market was oversupplied: 40 out of 50 U.S. states had their own casinos. However, everything dramatically changed in 2015. Americans started enjoying casinos again and began to play more. Why did this happen? Read about this in the article, prepared for you by the experts of the portal Casinoz
Date : 2015-06-08
Almost everybody has played using the Martingale system or at least has heard about it. In this article we will discuss what Martingale is; why Martingale is the worst system, when it is profitable and when it is unprofitable. It will also be interesting to know why all scammers like to use exactly the Martingale system. And we will also consider the topic of gambling systems at all, namely types of existing systems and whether to use them while playing at the casino or not, and why.
Date : 2015-06-04
Azov City is the first active gaming zone in Russia. It seems that it will have to be the first closed zone. This article focuses on the history of Azov City, its achievements and successes. We have also tried to find out why such a successful gambling zone is supposed to be closed, despite the negative reaction of investors and protests of local population. Why did the authorities prefer to pay 10 billion rubles of compensation, instead of developing a successful business? Answers can be found
Date : 2015-06-03
A large amount of progressive jackpots, accumulated in high-quality gambling games for online casinos, attract the majority of customers. On the websites running on software from Microgaming, millions of dollars are regularly drawn, which explains their popularity among users all over the world. This article has been devoted to jackpots that are offered in the games of this renowned and respectable manufacturer of software for online gambling.
Date : 2015-04-26
Most likely, it seems that Christian holidays have nothing common with casino games. And it can not be said that you are wrong. However, video slots and scratch cards on Easter, which this article is dedicated to, will not offend the feelings of believers. This holiday appears in a non-religious context. The developers have focused on its attributes such as Easter cakes, eggs and Easter Bunny without mentioning the Church with its rites.
Date : 2015-04-10
Williams Walters is considered as a true legend in the world of gambling. He has achieved especially impressive success in the field of betting, where he succeeded in earning huge sums. He has inspired thousands of other fans of sports betting by his activities and become their role model. You may learn from this article, prepared by one of the authors of the portal Casinoz, about the life of this famous gambler.
Date : 2015-03-30
Two thousand and fourteen was a great year for mobile gambling. According to supply and demand, many players have voted with their fingers when they decided to gamble in online casinos using their mobile devices. It has become normal for online casinos to offer gamblers more and more advanced mobile games,...
Date : 2015-03-28
Have you ever paid attention to the fact that online casinos catalog games, offered on their sites? We have prepared for you a review article on the basic principles of division of models into groups according to numerous criteria. You will become familiar with characteristics that are taken into account by operators, causes of separation of games into different categories, and thing that should be paid attention to, when you are visiting sites of casinos.
Date : 2015-03-26
In what direction does the industry of online gambling move? What are the trends, observed on the market of virtual gambling? What statistics should we pay attention to? The reviewer of the portal Casinoz, who has thoroughly studied the current state of affairs in the field of Internet gambling, answers these and other questions.
Date : 2015-03-26
If you can not get rid of the idea of the existence of secret strategies that guarantee to win in online casinos, this article is for you. It describes a new kind of scam, which fraudsters use to cheat naive gamblers who are looking for easy money. The system is quite complicated. That is why it has caught many fans of gambling entertainment, so please be sure to understand all its features to avoid becoming the next victim of fraudsters.
Date : 2015-03-11
Do you enjoy gambling? Then you should not forget about the probability of the addiction. You should not think that gambling will never be a problem for you, as this view of the situation is the first step towards troubles. Experienced customers of casinos always control themselves and admit the possibility of the familiarization with ludomania. In this article you will find a test for determination of the presence of addiction, a detailed description of the disease, recommendations for its prev
Date : 2015-02-23
Is there a place for magic and mysticism in casinos? Do fortune-tellers, psychics and other employees of the field, which is denied by the official science, have an advantage in gambling? The answers to these and many other similar questions can be found in this article. It will be useful to all readers who are interested in the unknown.
Date : 2015-01-29
Is it necessary to prohibit casinos? Many people have been discussing this question at various levels for many decades or even centuries. Both parties provide numerous evidences of their rightness, but to this day there is no consensus. This article from the expert of the portal Casinoz will help you to objectively consider the pros and cons of gambling and the desire of people to spend time on gambling entertainment.
Date : 2015-01-28
It is not difficult to play slot machines of online casinos. Moreover, they are among the simplest gambling games. However, you should take into account a number of features that may be different in numerous models of different brands. In this article, we have reviewed the main aspects that should be taken into consideration if you bet real money, but not just testing video slots in demo mode.
Date : 2015-01-19
Risk games are implemented in many models of video poker, traditional slot machines, presented in online casinos. They give gamblers an opportunity to try increasing the payout, credited as a result of winning the round. This feature can be presented in different versions, which will be discussed in this article, prepared by experts of the portal Casinoz especially for readers.
Date : 2015-01-16
The Bulgarian company Euro Games Technology that is the developer of software for casinos, offers in its models an interesting system of drawing of four straight progressive jackpots that will surely touch gamblers. In this article, experts from the social network for gamblers Casinoz explain in detail the features of progressive jackpots, the scheme of their formation, the principle of the drawing, and other aspects.
Date : 2015-01-14

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