Postcards Review

In case the regular staff of the company, specializing on development of online games, includes really creative employees, you can wait for surprises from them even in the most, seems to be conservative categories of gambling entertainments. For example, what are we used to see in the scratch cards? Traditional cards, devoted to some theme, which you have to scratch the protective coating from in hope to find the similar symbols under it.

The creators of Postcards scratch card, developed by NeoGaming, selected another way. There is another way of drawing the payoffs in their scratch card. How is it exactly? You can find out about it from the following review, prepared by the team of Casinoz. 

9 /10

Play Postcards

Postcards is a free online scratch card, created after the journeys by the most famous cities of the world.

A lottery ticket of Postcards consists of nine cells, situated by three cells at each of three lines. The customer can select a quantity of lines to play by on his discretion, and it reminds the rules of video slots. The bet per one line can be in the following range: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 euro. Consequently, the maximal acceptable bet per round is sixty euro. The bets have to be similar per all lines.

The aim of the game in Postcards is to find the symbol, corresponding to the image, at the line. The gameplay consists from several stages. First you have to select direction on the globe by click at one of the flags of countries (or you can leave a random selection). Then it is necessary to select a quantity of active lines and the bet per line.

Then you would have to scratch a protective coating from one of three cells at every active line. In case the symbol, hidden under it corresponds to the selected country, you receive the payoff. An amount of the winning in Postcards is determined randomly. It is displayed in the additional field next to the line.

The payoff is calculated by multiplying the bet per line by the index from x1 to x10000. Theoretically, all three lines can be the winning.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find any information about the theoretical payback index of Postcards scratch card.

Postcards Bonus games

The bonus rounds or payoffs are not provided by the rules of Postcards online scratch card.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Postcards online game.

Postcards Interface

Although the interface of Postcards online lottery is available only in English language, you would hardly face any difficulties in studying out its particularities even if you don’t speak English well. Anyway, you can always use our tips if you still need help:

-       Play – star a game.

-       Random – a random selection of direction.

-       Quick Pick – a fast selection of the cells.

-       Line Price – select the bet per line.

-       Number of Lines – select a quantity of active lines.

-       Max Lines – play by all three lines.

-       Total Wins – an amount of the winning.

-       Total Bets – a total amount of all bets.

-       Auto play – an automatic game mode.

-       Balance – a state of the player’s account.

Postcards online scratch card is provided with an automatic bet mode, an informational section and a possibility to switch off the sound. It is not necessary to download Postcards lottery, because this game can be launched right in a browser. You can select the cells manually or trust it to the computer.


You should agree that Postcards is quite an unusual scratch card with original way of identification of winning cards, an interesting theme and different points, which make the gameplay more exciting. Anyway, we liked it and we highly recommend it to all the lovers of gambling game of this kind.

Where to play Postcards for free or real money?

You can find Postcards online scratch card in Unibet Casino, where it is allowed to play for the real money or launch the gambling games without registration in a training mode. Moreover, it is possible to test this game right at Casinoz in a fun mode.

We are looking forward for your responses about Postcards online scratch card and grades to this game.

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