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Gambling psychology
October 4 00:54
A unique experiment: how does the brain of gambling addict work d...
What happens in the brain of a gambler when he puts real money on the line and watches the gameplay? Researchers from BBC Panorama conducted a unique...
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About Casino
September 29 13:11
An abandoned Casino Royale ship
The ship CasinoRoyale had an interesting story with a sad ending. For several decades, it regularly entertained gamblers, taking them outside the Unit...
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What are the Chances of Winning a Lottery?
Do you buy lottery tickets? Do you believe in success? Do you hope to hit a jackpot? If your answer is "Yes!", it will be interesting to know how your brain is operating when you make such irrational decisions. The article also describes real chances of winning a lottery, deals with other interesting issues directly related to this topic, and provides fans of such a kind of gambling with tips.
Optimism Bias Can Be Dangerous for Gamblers
Optimism bias is harmful even in everyday life. In case of gambling, an impenetrable belief in success can lead to financial and psychological failure. This article deals with the problems that may arise among customers who blindly believe in the successful outcome of any visit to a casino. We recommend that those who do not want to join numerous people suffering from gambling addiction should read it.
City of Dreams in Macau
Many luxurious multi-functional entertainment complexes with huge casinos have been recently opened in Macau. So, it is quite difficult to surprise customers with one or the other resort of this kind. However, City of Dreams, built in Cotai, impresses even against the background of this diversity and splendor. This excellent gambling house is discussed in this article below.
Studio City in Macau
The luxurious entertainment and resort complex Studio City in Macau has started its operations. It combines an amazing casino with an incredible range of other types of entertainment. On its territory you can find a stunning amusement park. Excellent shows are held in this complex. There is also a huge shopping center. Numerous movie stars and celebrities have already become guests of the resort. Details are available in the review published on the site Casinoz.
A New Fraud: Gamble at Casinos Betting Other People’s Money
Have you ever come across the offers to gamble at online casinos betting other people’s money? Nowadays it is one of the most popular frauds for those who wish to get a quick profit. Scammers offer you to register on a gaming site. They allegedly fund your account and provide an opportunity to bet using these deposited funds. Read in the article prepared by the reviewers of Casinoz about what happens next and how they earn on you.
Ace Tracking
To beat a casino while playing blackjack, a professional gambler should use all of the most efficient methods created to get the mathematical advantage over gambling houses. The basic strategy and its numerous variations, as well as different card counting systems, have been already discussed in other publications. This article deals with a very effective technique known as ace tracking.
Is Casinoz.me Blocked? Download Opera Turbo and Five More Ways to Bypass the Restrictions
Nowadays the online entertainment industry has faced more difficulties for those who want to enjoy gambling. According to the current legislation of many countries, access to absolutely any site can be blocked at any time. However, the Internet is a very complicated thing. Those who use it are able to cope with such problems, and any stupid ban can be always bypassed. This article deals with a review of ways that may help you to get access to any sites that are currently blocked on the terri…
Results of the Gambling Industry in 2015: Troubled Year
The article describes the situation with legal gambling zones and many other things that are important to those who are interested in gambling. Let’s discuss what happened in the gambling industry in the previous year, recall the most remarkable events in the gambling business, which were important to ordinary players.
Gambling Industry: is Ukraine Getting Back in the Game?
The Ukrainian government is going to legalize gambling. Many high-ranking officials report that legal casinos will have been appeared in the country by January 1, 2016. Various options may be provided: from the legalization of casinos in the five-star hotels to opening of gambling houses in the special gaming zones. Which processes are taking place on the Ukrainian gambling market? Which confrontations among authorities of different levels are observed? What can stop the legalization of casinos?
Kazakhstan is Becoming Kaz Vegas
Kazakhstan has good chances to become a new Asian gambling mecca. This article deals with the reconstruction of the gambling industry in Kazakhstan, differences in the approach to gambling in Kazakhstan and Russia, prospects of the gambling business in Kazakhstan, Chinese, Iranian, and U.S. investors and their interests, as well as many other things that will certainly be appreciated by those who monitor the situation in the gambling sector of Russia and the CIS countries.
Tigre de Cristal is Ready to Jump
Tigre de Cristal that is the first casino in the Primorye gaming zone will be opened on August 28. Lawrence Ho Yau Lung, a gambling tycoon and son of the legendary Stanley Ho, is going to become the world's first famous operator that will build a casino in Russia. Thus, Russia starts competing with Macau for the Asian high rollers. Why such a top-rated investor has become interested in Primorye? Who is going to attend this casino? Which benefits can be provided for Primorye? Why this casino is c
Azov City: It is Easier to Ruin Something than to Create
Azov City is the first active gaming zone in Russia. It seems that it will have to be the first closed zone. This article focuses on the history of Azov City, its achievements and successes. We have also tried to find out why such a successful gambling zone is supposed to be closed, despite the negative reaction of investors and protests of local population. Why did the authorities prefer to pay 10 billion rubles of compensation, instead of developing a successful business? Answers can be found