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Slot Tracker Offers the Entire Statistics on Gambling Activities
The Slot Tracker application released by Innovative Game Solutions keeps record the personal statistics of games at online casinos that you have visited. It is offered as an add-in for the Internet browser Chrome and operates with software developed by the most popular manufacturers. The Slot Tracker application saves personal information about winnings, losses, bonuses, time spent on gambling, and other aspects.
Ludoman Is an Application that Stops Gambling Addiction
One of the most effective ways to combat gambling addiction among Internet users is to completely block their access to online casinos. If you install the application called Ludoman on your PC, neither you nor any member of your family will be able to attend gambling-related portals. Moreover, you will be unable to uninstall the application, which makes this product extremely efficient when gamblers crave for gambling.
Roulettomatic - software for playing roulette
You still did not give up learning how to win at online roulette? Then you can try the software Roulettomatic. Its authors say that their software can decrypt algorithm for generating random (or rather pseudo-random) numbers used in online casino games. Read the review from Casinoz about Roulettomatic, it's use and dangers.
Gambler's Odds, your assistant in the game analysis
Software Gambler's Odds let's you analyze the odds of different casino games , bets and their systems. You can choose the most profitable video poker, best bets in craps or sic bo , check whether the various systems of bets are useful at this roulette table , and so on. Gambler's Odds software is free.
RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer, blackjack statistical analysis program
Providing detailed statistics about blackjack with any rules , developing a basic strategy , teaching card counting , testing the game in practice are just some of the features of the blackjack analyzer RoyalDoyle Blackjack Analyzer. The program is designed for beginners in blackjack , advanced users and professional players.
Video Poker Calculator, software for calculating odds
To play video poker as good as possible , you should choose the right model and calculate the optimal strategy to the smallest detail. Not every user can do this task without assistance. However, using the program Video Poker Calculator can save you from such worries. It has great features and can help to find answers to almost any question related to video poker .
MagicSpins, a step to discovery or unscientific nonsense?
In the internet there are plenty programs to help win at online roulette. None of them has received universal recognition, confirming their inefficiency. MagicSpins stand above them, explaining the principles of complex and complete lack of free trial versions. You can test the program to trust the word of the Developers and buy the demo version.
Roulette Interceptor, big promises, but zero content
Who else wants quick and easy money? We found another wonderful program for you that guarantees regular wins at the roulette table. You don't believe me ? You are right. We also did not believe in the assurances of the creator of Roulette Interceptor. And it's careful study only confirmed our suspicion that this is another useless software .
FRoulette, an interesting but useless program
Most modern software, which should help to win at roulette, offer users nothing new. They use the same assumptions as a common betting system. FRoulette utility considers the latest winning numbers, and based on them will give you clues to users. More about this software, read our review.
Blackjack Sniper, a card counting program in blackjack which robs its users
Today in the internet there are more than a dozen useful programs for blackjack fans. However, the creators of most software promise impossible. They claim that their development can overcome the advantage of online casino in blackjack. One of these programs is Blackjack Sniper.
Roulette Lucker or how to turn roulette into a boring and monotonous game
Probably every beginner dreams of finding a roulette strategy or a to help him consistently achieve success. However, experienced players know that this is impossible. However, occasionally there is a new software, which authors assure us that they have managed to win roulette or, as in the case of Roulette Lucker, to reduce the probability of loss to minimum.
Meet another cheaters - Moneyblowers.
Anyone interested in operation of online casinos knows that they use random number generators giving unpredictable results . However, the creators of Moneyblowers claim that roulette in casinos record throws of live dealers in land-based casinos. And their product can detect this mechanism and predict the winning numbers.

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