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To beat a casino while playing blackjack, a professional gambler should use all of the most efficient methods created to get the mathematical advantage over gambling houses. The basic strategy and its numerous variations, as well as different card counting systems, have been already discussed in other publications. This article deals with a very effective technique known as ace tracking.
Date : 2016-04-03
Julian Braun was not a professional blackjack player. However, his developments of its strategy and card counting turned out to be so effective that this humble programmer from IBM found himself among the legends from the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and his book How to Play Winning Blackjack became a textbook for several generations of fans of this game. The article deals with the biography and achievements of this shy genius.
Date : 2016-03-14
Have you ever heard of blackjack with the opportunity to exchange cards between boxes and bonus bets that are paid during the formation of poker hands? Such versions of games are available in the range of several world-renowned manufacturers of online gambling software. Their developments will be discussed in this review article prepared by experts of the social networking website for fans of gambling called Casinoz.
Date : 2016-01-06
Basic strategy of blackjack is not enough to get a mathematical advantage over the casino. But it can be achieved with card counting. This article focuses on a very simple system that everyone can learn in a few minutes. After a few days of training, it can be used for cash games in the brick and mortar casinos.
Date : 2014-06-08
Once a customer makes playing in a casino a profession, he is faced with a lot of difficulties. Especially when it comes to counting cards in blackjack, the casino administration is not happy with. You have to hide your skills, spending many hours at the table, and the payoff on a long interval may be not so large. Let's try to calculate how much a professional card counter can earn.
Date : 2014-06-06
Since blackjack appeared in casinos, people have tried to develop strategies to beat casinos. This created a variety of game systems, including methods of card counting. We'll tell you about the major milestones in the history of this area, highlighting the most important personalities who did a lot to help everyone become a professional blackjack player.
Date : 2014-06-05
If you are interested in all varieties of blackjack, we recommend trying a very exciting version called Blackjack Switch. Its main feature is that you can switch cards between two boxes, you play on. This rule gives a huge advantage, so the casino balances the scales with other nuances. Read about Blackjack Switch in this article from Casinoz.
Date : 2014-02-26
Many new blackjack fans are concerned about how to play at the same rate or resize in any system. To answer this, you must take into account several factors. A casino you play in, your skills, amount of money and so on. We've tried to review all of them in the article on the main approaches to the best betting system in blackjack.
Date : 2014-02-03
Playing blackjack is the first decision in every hand you will take, considering the dealer and two cards. The basic strategy suggests what to do in this situation. To better understand the nature of these tips, you should know combinations of starting cards. We'll tell you about the frequency of education, mathematical advantage and profitability of different hands.
Date : 2013-07-09
Shuffle tracking can be a strong weapon in the hands of an experienced card counter in blackjack, but it requires certain conditions, because it can only be used in some situations. We will describe the basics of shuffle-tracking and tell when it can be used, as it helps to get an additional advantage over the casino, oppose to casino employees and so on.
Date : 2013-07-09
Sometimes when playing blackjack, you want to split tens of weak dealer's cards. It seems if you do so, you'll double payment. But for a long stretch this practice reduces the total payoff and increases the mathematical house edge. We will give you specific examples, why you do not need split tens and explain the exceptions to this rule.
Date : 2013-07-08
How better play blackjack: on one hand or several boxes? Rules allow many varieties of both. If you think that there is no difference between them, you are mistaken. Yes, game on one or more boxes can not reduce the mathematical advantage the casino, but these approaches often help to achieve certain goals. All this is told in this article.
Date : 2013-07-08
The rule of blackjack surrender allows the player to stop the game by losing half of the bet.It appeared in casinos not recently. The more recent phenomenon is surrender of the casino. This option gives the player the opportunity to get half bet if he has twenty points and the dealer has ten. We will tell you more about this rule and explain why it is advantageous to the casino and not to the player.
Date : 2013-07-08
Side bets in blackjack diverse the gameplay, but only few of them are really worth your attention. Many side bets have too high mathematical advantage of the casino. We've prepared an article about main types of additional bets in blackjack with a brief description of their features, our estimates and recommendations.
Date : 2013-07-08
Every true fan of blackjack knows that the game should be played against basic strategy selected separately for each kind of the game. But it is also useful to know blackjack statistics which improves understanding many gameplay aspects. We will tell you about some interesting facts in this article.
Date : 2013-07-08
Should you avoid varieties of blackjack where the dealer keeps a set of cards on the "soft" seventeen? This rule is unprofitable for a customer, but sometimes other aspects reduce its negative effects. Some changes to the basic strategy of blackjack also help to improve the situation. This article will tell you what to do playing on such terms.
Date : 2013-07-08
Oh, those sixteen points in blackjack! New players are constantly nervous, seeing this amount of points in their cards, and often make mistakes with these hands. But making the right decisions at sixteen points can significantly improve your chances of winning by a long stretch. We can help you with how to proceed if you have a "hard" and "soft" or sixteen pair of eights and prompt when folding.
Date : 2013-07-07
If you want to play blackjack in offline casinos, carefully read this article. It examines the Code of Conduct for blackjack players. We describe the basic mistakes of inexperienced clients at the table. It's about how to communicate with the dealer and partners on the table, how to bet and behave in different situations.
Date : 2013-06-25
Have you played blackjack deviating from recommendations of the optimal strategy? If yes, then you definitely need to read this article. It tells what to do in some of the most difficult game situations. After reading it, you will better understand the blackjack and more clearly understand why you should always follow the advice of a properly chosen game strategy.
Date : 2013-06-25
For many regular customers of casino, blackjack seems a very complicated game. Therefore, they do not want to learn it, preferring more simple games which do not require much the decision-making. If you have the same opinion, we will try in this article to convince you. You think we can not do it? Then read on.
Date : 2013-06-20

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