«Green Light» slot machine produced by Alfaplay company reminds the famous fiction movie «Matrix» at the first sight. The appearance of the main heroine, which reminds Trinity a lot supports this impression. In case, she is fighting not with agents, but with mafia members here, which are making drug dealing, and makes it with a great persistence and impressive professionalism.


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General description

«Green Light» is the slot machine developed by Alfaplay, which has five reels and twenty pay lines. This video slot offers the players the special symbols, free spins, a bonus game, as well as the gambling feature, which can double up the payoff received in result of a lucky spin.
It is the show-slot which regularly holds tournaments, which raffle a progressive jackpot. All the players automatically become the participants of the tournaments. You don't need to make any special payments or extra bets for it.
The combinations formed of two (or three in some special cases) and more similar symbols, which have to be situated next to each other at the active line starting from the first left reel, are awarded with payoffs in «Green Light» video slot. The maximal payout in amount of 5000 bets per line is provided for five Wild symbols. Other combinations are paid by much lower indexes (up to 500 bets per line).
If you want to try to rise up the payoff, received in result of the winning spin, click at Gamble button right after it. The gambling feature would start at the special screen, designed in the general style of the slot. With a gun in your hands, you would find yourself in the public restroom with five closed doors. You would have to shoot at one of them. If you guess where the banding it hiding, you kill him and your win would be doubled up. Wrong choice leads to the loss of the bet. It is possible to play up to ten times running in the same round, but there is no right for mistake.


It is quite complicated to follow the plot line of «Green Light» slot machine. Mafia, drugs, pocket PC, luggage with cash, the main heroine in a leather clothes at the bike, a silhouette of a sniper-woman at the roof - all these images tell about the modern battle of good and evil in style of Hollywood blockbusters. All the special symbols of this game are animated.
  • Wild symbol is an image of the main heroine, which is riding a motorcycle. It replaces any other symbols (except of the special elements), helping to make paid combinations. The maximal possible combination made with its help brings a payoff.
  • Scatter symbol is an image of the bandits in a car. In case three and more such symbols appear at the screen (independently go their location), the player gets right for ten free spins.
  • Multiplier symbol is a short video, which shows a night battle of the main heroine with criminals. From two to five such symbols at the screen give a win in amount of the total bet multiplied by the special index. Its size depends on the number of such symbols at the screen: in case of two of them, it is one, three such symbols make it two, if you hit four symbols the multiplier rises up to three and four in case of five symbols.
  • Bonus symbol is an image of the main heroine, which goes by the hotel hall to the room occupied by the mafia.

Bonus games

To get into the bonus round of «Green Light» slot machine, you have to make a combination of three, four or five proper symbols.
You would find yourself in the hotel room, where the mafia members, making drug dealing, are hiding at. You have to kill one of them shooting at the items which can hide him randomly. If you are lucky in your choice, hand of the killed criminal drops from the shelter. In this case you get a winning in amount of the bet per line multiplied by some index. In case there is nothing behind the item you shoot by, the game is finished with saving of the wins. Unlike choice at the first attempt would bring you a consolation prize.
Size of the index is determined by number of the bonus symbols in the combination. In case it consists of three - it is 250, if there are four of them - 300 and 400 for five symbols.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in «Green Light» slot machine. However the players can win the progressive jackpot raffled in the show-tournaments.


«Green Light» slot machine is designed in the typical style of all slots developed by Alfaplay. It is possible to control the gameplay with help of the standard buttons. There pluses and minuses next to such windows as Bet (bet per line) and Lines (number of the active lines), as well as Spin (start a new spin), Auto (the automatic game), Gamble (the gambling feature), Maxbet (the maximal bet). Payable opens the payment table and rules of the game in several languages.


There are almost no combinations paid by high indexes in «Green Light» slot machine (not taking in account five Wild symbols). There are few hopes on free spins as well. They drop quite frequently, but just by ten and payoffs are the same there. However this slot machine gives good chances to win a great amount in the bonus game. In general, «Green Light» has low dispersion level, that’s why you can spend the whole night playing on it even with a small bankroll.

Where to play for free or real money?

If you are interested by «Green Light» slot machine, you can play on it in a fun mode as well as by the real money in different online casinos, powered by the software developed by Alfaplay. You can see logos of such gambling houses with links to the official websites below the review. There you can pass quick registration right now or in any convenient time and start playing.Your responses about «Green Light» slot machine would help us making Casinoz more interesting and useful for the readers. Please share your impressions in comments to the review and rate this game. Your opinion is very important for us.

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