Lucky Gems Review

In the following article prepared by the reviewers of the social net for gamblers - Casinoz, we are going to talk about an unusual arcade game named «Lucky Gems» produced by Touchstone Games studio and available in the online casinos powered by Odobo. Visually this model reminds pinball a bit, but it has unique rules. Please read about it and other important features of the novelty in the following review.

8.33 /10

Play Lucky Gems

«Lucky Gems» is an entertaining game which launches twelve balls from the tunnel (their quantity increases during the gameplay).
Passing various barriers they drop into cells situated in the bottom part of the screen. Some of the cells are marked with images of different gems. The player gets an appropriate gem for every hit of such cell.
The aim of the game is to make a combination of several same gems by the end of the round.
The balls are launched automatically when you click the button. You can affect their movement by the screen. The barriers are the special bars. Three of them are special bonus cells which make advanced functions. Please read about them below in the special paragraph of the review.
An amount of the win depends on the index provided by the rules for each of the possible combinations. It can be х1, х2, х3, х4, х10, х30 and х100. It is multiplied by the bet. It can be one, two, five, ten, twenty or five credits in the gaming currency.
We have no information about the theoretical payback index of this model.
The round begins from selection of the bet. Then you need to click at the biggest button at the control panel. A white arrow is imaged there. Twelve balls get out from the tunnel and drop down to different cells. Gems you get are displayed at the left.
If the ball stops at one of three bonus cells situated in the center of the screen, special features discussed below are activated.
If you win a payoff, you can play in a game of chance and stake the whole win or a half of it. In such case one more ball is launched. Five cells are titled x2 and other two - x4. If the ball drops at any of them, you payoff is increased two or four times accordingly. If it drops at the empty cell, you lose the bet. It is possible to play several times running. You can finish this round at any moment.

Lucky Gems Bonus games

Now a couple of words about special features of «Lucky Gems» game:
  • Multiball – this feature means that number of balls which take part in every following round is rising up during the game. At first you get twelve of them. However there are two cells with an image of sun at the screen. If the ball stops at one of them, total number of the balls increases by a single one. It is maximally possible to get fifty balls. When the gambler reaches this number, he wins a bonus.
  • Another special cell is situated at the center of the screen. When the ball drops there, the player is rewarded with one of the gems selected randomly, or extra balls to draw.
You can find more details of the bonus features in the rules.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Lucky Gems».

Lucky Gems Interface

There are almost no titles at the control panel of this game, but buttons are user-friendly in any language.
A big gaming field is situated at the center of the screen. The pay table is situated at the left from it, while various controlling elements can be found at the right.
The rules consist of three pages with description of different points of the rules. There is a menu with sound and screen parameters, as well as the automatic game mode.
You can launch «Lucky Gems» right in a browser at the website of an online casino, not download and installing this model to your hard drive.


«Lucky Gems» is not a bad gambling entertainment for the customers who want to go beyond the classic games. In case, you’ll be interested to test this model even in a fun mode, so what can we say about real bets? So, we highly recommend you to take a closer look at this novelty.

Where to play Lucky Gems for free or real money?

You can test «Lucky Gems» in a demo mode or stake real money in different online casinos powered by Odobo software. For example, this game is available in Mr. Green. It is possible to launch it right at Casinoz in a fun mode. You can also find video review of this game here.
We are looking for your opinions and responses about this game. Please don't be shy to share your impressions and rate the model.
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