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It is very difficult to win back bonuses in online casinos, although a few years ago there were no such difficulties. The reason is that casinos tighten the wagering conditions because of excessive activity of bonus hunters . As a result, players from some countries can not bet bonuses in almost no one large casino, and strict rules for wagering bonuses make them unattractive to customers.
Date : 2011-07-22
You will agree that receiving some of the lost money back is a very tempting offer any visitor of the online casino will agree to. Unfortunately, the owners of casinos do not share our enthusiasm , and cashing back bonuses is offered less and less , risking soon remain only in the memory of experienced players.
Date : 2011-06-28
Terms for withdrawing bonuses can be different. As a rule they relate to the size of the total bet. Often, however, there is a rule that the client trying to clear the bonus can not make big bets. Not everyone knows why casinos introduced this condition.
Date : 2011-01-20
Online casino bonuses are very attractive for inexperienced players. Often users do not even bother to read their terms. But not all bonuses are beneficial for the customers. You better not use many of them. We will talk next when to do it.
Date : 2011-01-19
Online casino bonuses are designed to attract new players and encourage those who plays in a casino for a long time. A lot of different bonuses maybe be difficult to classify. However, in this article we will divide them into separate groups according to their criteria.
Date : 2011-01-16
Bonuses that are offered to customers in almost all online casinos and they look incredibly attractive. They are positioned as free, but in reality this is not always so. This article reveals the truth about bonuses and explains why not all of them are beneficial.
Date : 2010-07-16
Bonus... This word like honey attracts customers of online casinos. Bonus hunters stories (or those who mistakenly classifies themselves as bonus hunters) are even sweeter to the ears of fans of cheap things. But do not believe everything you hear on this topic. Most of these stories or fictional, or occurred long ago when getting bonuses in the casinos was much easier than today. The difference between the desired and the real things is described in this article.
Date : 2010-01-16
In recent years, the number of bonus hunters is rapidly dying (or simply disguised). The main reason is strict measures of casinos to fight with all types of freeloaders. Casinoz offers its readers a short article about the history of bonus-hunting, its current fate and future prospects.
Date : 2010-01-02
In you see advertising of online casinos promising you mountains of gold in the form of endless bonuses, do not rush to register, make a deposit, get it from the casino and rush for a game table. Bonuses are not a given to any of them. They all need to be wagered and in the process you can have many surprises if you do not bother to read the rules carefully. We'll tell you what it is necessary to pay attention to and teach you how to look for the best bonuses.
Date : 2009-12-21
Every year using bonuses of online casinos to your advantage becomes more difficult. The reason is active in the recent past activities of bonus hunters. We have prepared for you an advice how to get and wager the bonuses so that you were not considered a cheater and not be expelled from the number of casino customers. The article will be useful for new players.
Date : 2009-11-06
A brief digression into modern bonus policy of most online casinos with general warnings about difficulties that await customers receiving various bonuses and wagering. The article will help new fans of virtual gambling understand whether to take all the bonuses and how to know whether a particular proposal of a casino is really beneficial.
Date : 2009-10-04
Tempted to take the bonus online casino is very easy, because they offer very enticing promotions. Indeed, among them there are options we can safely recommend to our readers, but some bonuses are almost impossible to wager according to the rules. We have prepared an article that explains what nuances wagering you should pay attention to.
Date : 2009-10-02
Casinos offer bonuses to potential and actual customers convincing them that it is very profitable. But in fact, the usefulness of most deposit bonuses is not too high or absent. We will teach you how to calculate their profitability by simple mathematical calculations, that often can be done even in the mind or on paper.
Date : 2009-09-06
You can not imagine how often new casino customers getting bonuses offered to them, remain disappointed. Moreover, many of them trying to play for "free" money, only to lose their own funds. We will give you some important tips to avoid becoming one of them. These are general recommendations for the process of bonus wagering.
Date : 2009-07-11
You're thinking to go hunting for online casino bonuses? Then you might be interested in this article with tips for bonus hunters. It will also be useful to anyone who is going to get and win back bonuses because it also has general recommendations. You'll know what to pay attention to, beware of, how to act and who to call for help.
Date : 2009-07-06
Beginners in online casinos just learning about bonuses tend to get them. Then they usually get disappointed when they are faced with difficulties of wagering. We want to briefly tell you about the main advantages and disadvantages of the most common online casino bonuses, so that you know what difficulties are associated with them.
Date : 2009-07-02
The most dangerous casino bonuses for beginners are called "sticky". They differ from traditional bonuses that they can only be used for betting. The money is prohibited, even if you manage to meet all requirements for wagering. Learn about features of these bonuses in this article. You will find some guidelines on participation in promotional campaigns.
Date : 2009-06-29

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