The gaming assortment of GameScale company includes models of different genres, and one of them is a very colorful roulette with VIP class, which was named «Salon Prive Roulette». We are going to talk about this stunning development of the famous brand in the following review prepared by the dictionary of gambling - Casinoz.


Play Salon Prive Roulette

«Salon Prive Roulette» is a virtual roulette with european rules. There are thirty seven numbers from 0 to 36 at its wheel, situated in the traditional order.
The same numbers are duplicated at the table markup, which is provided with cells for bets of different types.
The aim of the game is to guess which number (or group of numbers) the ball stops at and place one or few appropriate bets.
The general rules of the gameplay and its principals are discussed int he special article of «Rules» department. If you don't know how to play roulette at all, you should start from reading this publication. In this review we are going to discussed «Salon Prive Roulette» model only.
It is possible to stake from ten to two hundred credits on the natural number. The game accepts up to 24000 credits per spin.
This model offers regular inside and outside bets. It is also possible to play by sectors (Tiers, Jeu 0, Voisins and Orphelins) and neighbors, placing the chips at the special track.
In the beginning of the gameplay, the customer has to set up coin value and place the bets. Then the virtual dealer launches the ball to find out the winning number. Payoffs are made at the last stage.
According to such rules of «Salon Prive Roulette», traditional payback index of European roulette should work here.

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Salon Prive Roulette Bonus games

The rules of «Salon Prive Roulette» don’t provide any prize payoffs, bonus rounds or any other rewards for the customers.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this roulette.

Salon Prive Roulette Interface

The main part of the screen of this game is taken by the table markup and the wheel which starts spinning when a new round begins.
The control panel is maximally convenient and user-friendly.
To set up an amount of the bet, you need to click at the chip of an appropriate value and place the chips by the field.
It is possible to repeat the bets of the previous round and clean the field from the chips in one click.
Bets can be also place by track situated at the left.
The informational table which displayed winning numbers and data of the previous payoffs is situated at the right.
You can hear the pleasant background music playing «Salon Prive Roulette». It is possible to choose the tracks or switch off the sound. The dealer’s voice can be man’s or woman’s. The volume can be adjusted.
Available user’s settings are turbo mode and size of the screen. It is not necessary to download this roulette, because this game was designed for playing in a browser.


Of course, it is hard to create something new in the classic European roulette. To surprise the gamblers, the developers have to experiment with the interface, graphics and other features. In this case, the creators of the game have staked on the magnificent design and high bets in hope to attract rich audience. The time will show how successful their attempts are. The reviewers of Casinoz like this roulette a lot, so they recommend it to all the readers of the website.

Where to play Salon Prive Roulette for free or real money?

You can test «Salon Prive Roulette» in EuroMoon Casino and other online casinos powered by GameScale software without registration in a demo mode, or place real bets when you open an account and charge the balance.
We appreciate your responses about «Salon Prive Roulette». Please share your opinions in comments and rate this game with stars.

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