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HD Roulette by GloboTech (Roulette)

Abbreviation HD, meaning high definitions (high resolution) is popular now. Although it can be applied in various fields to denote different things, the majority of ordinary users perceive the letters as a symbol of excellent quality.
GloboTech developers benefited from the popularity of the format and released online roulette called HD Roulette. What came out of it, you will learn from the review of the game, which gives you gambling fans social network

General description

HD Roulette - is a european online roulette with classic rules, described in details in a special article on our site, and track for verbal bids. The game is played according to the traditional principles of this roulette variety, so it makes no sense to describe them.
The HD Roulette taken all the usual bets typical for European roulette. They are divided into two categories: internal (for one, two, three, four and six rooms) and external (to the speakers, a dozen red/black, odd/even, and high/low).
Verbal bids are stand out. They can be done on a special track. They accepted for neighbor cells (five numbers, consecutive on the roulette wheel) and the Gaza Series 5/8, Orphans, Series 0/2/3 and 0-Spiel (we will talk about them in detail in a separate article on Of course, they are referred as verbal only by tradition, because in a real casino croupier puts them taking orders from customers. In HD Roulette you have to place chips themselves on the track.
Odds payments on all bets that you can make here are standard.
In AzartPlay Casino you can play roulette on three tables with different bet ranges: Standard - $0.01 - $10, High Bets - $1 - $10 and VIP - $5 - $1000. Higher value indicates the marginal rate on the spin (in the clean room can put a total of ten times less than the maximum for the table). Casino site has a detailed table which specifies limits for all bets.

Bonus games

Bonuses are not covered by the Rules HD Roulette.


Progressive jackpot is not provided by this game.


The main feature of HD Roulette - is its interface. So lets discuss it more deeply.
Is the name of the game screen in the upper left corner, which rotates roulette, shown in high definition, so it can be easily mistaken for real. The game table for the usual rates is located right under. Slightly to the right you can see the track for verbal bids.
Above the track and right of the image window there is roulette statistics. Here you can get information about how often during the last session external bids and zeroes have won as well as to find out which rooms are "cold" and "hot".
The last winning numbers are shown right over the screen with a roulette. On the control panel there are chips of different values for the placing of bets and a few buttons.
Window of HD Roulette can be maximized. If the game animation disturbs you, it can be disabled. Roulette runs directly on the casino site in the so-called flash mode, so you do not have to download and install it on your computer.


There is nothing radically new or original in HD Roulette. It's a good-quality online roulette with European rules and the track, characterized by good graphics and animation, user-friendly interface and the availability of detailed statistics. Plus you can also consider the presence of three tables with a wide range of bets. In general, if you like this kind of roulette, you should pay attention to the HD Roulette.

Where to play

You can enjoy Roulette HD, playing for real money or for free at AzartPlay Casino. This online casino allows to try games without registration by conditional rates. The only reason you'll have to open an account is if you decide to change the training mode to the real one where they bet real money.
Rating: 8.89 / 10
( votes: 9 )
Date: 2012-12-19

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