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CasinoHold’em Poker Review

Unbelievable popularity of Texas hold'em poker in the previous years made the software developers in field of online gambling to pay more attention to the models of this game adopted for online casinos, where the customer’s opponent is the house, but not the other visitors. Almost all large producers have released their versions of Casino Hold’em Poker. In the following review we would like to talk about one of the models of this kind developed by GameScale company.

9.75 /10
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Where to Play CasinoHold’em Poker?

Play Free Demo CasinoHold’em Poker without registration

You can find this «Casino Hold’em Poker» in EuroMoon Casino and other online casinos powered by GameScale software. Their logos are presented below. There you can test this game without registration in a demo mode.
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Online casino with CasinoHold’em Poker

How to Play CasinoHold’em Poker (GameScale)

One traditional deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used in «Casino Hold’em Poker» developed by GameScale. All cards are always shuffled before each new deal.
The aim of the game is to win the casino represented by the virtual dealer, by making a stronger poker combination then he has. To make it, you can use five of seven cards used in every round. Two cards are private and five are community.
The main bet (Ante) is accepted on one box only. It can be from one to one hundred credits. Please read about AA bet below.
All standard poker combinations from the highest card to royal flush play in «Casino Hold’em Poker».
Let’s discuss the gameplay step by step to let you learn all its particularities.
First the gamblers places the basic bet on Ante. He can also stake some amount on AA field if he wish (please read about it in the following paragraph).
Then the player receives two private cards (the customer can see his own cards only). Three more cards are laid face-down in the center of the table. They are community cards and both parties use them in combinations.
After he weights his cards, the player takes one of two decisions possible in this case:
  • Continue the game - place a bet on Raise field. Its amount is two ante.
  • Finish the round - in this case the customer loses the bet and the dealer cleans the field with no other actions.
If the user stays in game, the croupier deals another two community cards. Then the strongest hand is formed automatically. Just in case, we would like to remind you that five cards of seven available are used in combination.
Then the dealer reveals his cards. If he has no minimal combination, which is a pair of fours, the player’s ante is paid 1:1 and raise is returned. In case the croupier has a draw, combinations are compared.
In case of the stronger hand of dealer both bets go to the casino. In the player wins his Ante and Raise are paid. Herewith, an amount of the win by raise is always calculated by 1:1 index, while payoff by ante depends on the combination. The multipliers can be found in the table:
  • Straight or under – 1:1.
  • Flush – 2:1.
  • Full House – 3:1.
  • Four of a Kind – 10:1.
  • Straight Flush – 20:1.
  • Royal Flush – 100:1.
This way, the total amount of the win depends on the minimal draw of the dealer and the combination made by the customer.
Here the round is over.

CasinoHold’em Poker Bonus games

Now about AA side bet. It is not accepted separately from ante, but it is drawn independently. This bet is paid when first five cards received by the player (two private and three community) contain a pair of aces or a better combination. Wins are calculated by the following indexes:
  • A pair of aces – 7:1.
  • Two pairs – 7:1.
  • Three of a Kind – 7:1.
  • Straight – 7:1.
  • Flush – 20:1.
  • Full House – 30:1. 
  • Four of a Kind – 40:1.
  • Straight Flush – 50:1.
  • Royal Flush – 100:1.
Payoff by AA is made immediately as soon as five open cards are laid at the table. If they don't make an appropriate combination, the bet goes to the casino.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Casino Hold’em Poker» developed by GameScale.

CasinoHold’em Poker Interface

The interface of this game is available in several languages. All sections of the menu and dialogue windows are multi-language.
Controlling buttons appear at the screen depending on the gaming situation (at the edge of the table).
To place the bets, you need to pick chips of appropriate value and click at the special field at the markup. There are buttons which repeat the bets and offer other automatic actions.
The pay table is situated right at the markup of the table. You can also open it in the special window if you hover the mouse on the table with betting range.
The buttons of the informational section, the turbo mode, screen and sound parameters are situated in the right top corner of the screen. You won’t download «Casino Hold’em Poker» because this game is launched right at the website in a flash mode.

Should You Play CasinoHold’em Poker for Real Money?

«Casino Hold’em Poker» is a wonderful model with quite profitable rules, the comfortable design, all necessary settings, high functionality, the realistic graphics and a plenty of other advantages.
How to play hold’em poker correctly, you can learn with help of the advices of the professionals.
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