Caribbean Stud Poker 1 Review

To start the game, it is necessary to click with the left mouse button on the chip, which you want to stake. After that, the selected chips should be placed on the sector Ante. In the case if a user has a desire to participate in the drawing of the jackpot, he should place an extra chip on the sector Jackpot, which is located above the field Ante. The placed chip can be cancelled before the beginning of the game. To do this, click with the right button of the mouse on it. When all bets are made, it is necessary to click Deal to start the game round. If you want to repeat the bet that has been made in the previous round, it is necessary to click on Rebet.

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Play Caribbean Stud Poker 1

In Caribbean stud poker a 52-card deck is used. To participate in the game, it is originally necessary to make an ante. It is also possible to stake on the jackpot (only the chip with the smallest value). Then, you receive a five-card hand. The cards are faced up. Despite the fact that your cards are dealt faced-up, cards of other players will be unknown. The croupier also deals a five-card hand to himself. Four of these cards are hole and only one is dealt faced-up. After a showdown only the initial five-card hands of the dealer and the player are compared in Caribbean stud poker. Additional cards are not dealt.

When the player becomes familiar with his cards and one face-up dealer's card, he should decide whether to call (i.e. make a bet) or fold. To make a bet, it is necessary to click on Call. This bet is always equal to two antes. If the player does not want to compete with the dealer, he should click on Fold. In this case, he loses his ante. If the user calls, the dealer faces up the remaining four cards and hands are compared.

To start the game, the dealer should have at least an ace with a king or a poker combination. If the dealer's hand will not be high enough, the player receives a payout with the odds 1:1 for the ante, and the made bet is just returned. If the dealer's hand has a quite high rank, the hands are compared and the highest one wins. The payout with the odds 1:1 is provided for the ante. The win for the bet is determined according to the pay table. In case if the dealer's and player's poker hands have the same rank, both ante and bet are returned to the player.

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