Lux Blackjack Review

Those who like playing online blackjack for fun or for real money are recommended to test a new model produced by AbZorba Games (Novomatic). This game would pleasantly surprise you by harmonic combination of classic rules, a functional interface, an elegant design, pleasant sound and realistic animation. Detailed description of all features is suggested by the experts of Casinoz.club in the following article.

8.50 /10

Play Lux Blackjack

«Lux Blackjack» is an American blackjack, which accepts bets on one, two or three boxes.
Aim of the game is to win the dealer, getting a higher score than he has, never exceeding twenty one. It is also possible to win on the croupier’s overtake, by insurance or by even score on blackjack.
Bet on each of the active hands can be same or different. Limits should be clarified at the online casino. For example, StarGames Casino accepts from ten dollars per box.
Standard packs of fifty two cards without jokers are used here. Cards are shuffled before each deal necessarily. They are not stored in the shoe, as it is usually done in offline blackjack.
The general points of the rules remain traditional. You can learn them at the thematic pages of our website. Meanwhile, we would like to talk about features of «Lux Blackjack» here:
  • The dealer deals two cards to himself and reveals one of them.
  • If the dealer reveals an ace, he checks for blackjack.
  • The dealer stands on any seventeen.
  • It is possible to double the bet on any two cards.
  • It is allowed to split any cards of same value.
  • Split is possible only once on each box.
  • An ace and a ten after split is not a blackjack.
  • «Lux Blackjack» has no surrender.
  • There is an insurance of blackjack here.
  • If the dealer has an ace and the player has a blackjack, the customer can take even money.
Payoffs are calculated by traditional indexes: 1:1 for regular win, 3:2 for blackjack and 2:1 for insurance.

Lux Blackjack Bonus games

Any special payoffs, prize rounds or other bonus options are not provided by the rules.


«Lux Blackjack» doesn't offer a progressive jackpot.

Lux Blackjack Interface

The control panel of «Lux Blackjack» is pretty simple and convenient in the same time. Three info windows are situated at the top part of the screen:
  1. Balance – state of the balance;
  2. Bet – an amount of the bet;
  3. Win – an amount of the payoff.
You can see buttons to open the Help, switch off the sound and maximize the screen at the right.
Chips of different value show below the gaming field, as well as following buttons:
  • New Bet – place new bet;
  • Re-bet – repeat the bet;
  • Remove Bet – remove the chips;
  • Deal – deal the cards;
  • Stand – stop taking cards;
  • Hit – take a card;
  • Split – make split;
  • Double – double up the bet;
  • Insurance – place insurance;
  • Even Money – take even money.
Three arrows at Speed panel provide an opportunity to choose speed of the gameplay.
«Lux Blackjack» is available in a browser. You won’t download and install this game.
It is also possible to play «Lux Blackjack» on your smartphone. Mobile version is supported by all popular models powered by iOS and Android.


Convenient interface with different features, classic rules, realistic visuals, available user’s settings, a pretty wide range of bets – all this makes the gameplay of «Lux Blackjack» comfortable in all respects.
We should praise the developers for the wonderful sound. Pleasant woman’s voice announces the gameplay at all stages, that goes beyond the banal remarks.
Once again we would like to remind the readers of Casinoz.club that there is no sense to count cards playing blackjack with random number generator. Principals of the basic strategy are described by our experts.

Where to play Lux Blackjack for free or real money?

Star Games online casino welcomes registered customers to play «Lux Blackjack» for fun and for real money. You would definitely find this model at other online casinos powered by AbZorba Games software as well.
We have a video review of the novelty at Casinoz.club, which shows all major features of this blackjack.
Please write responses about this game in comments, give rates and discuss the model.
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