Spanish Blackjack Review

The main difference between Spanish blackjack and classic European or American versions of this game is the use of incomplete decks and the availability of bonus payouts for certain card hands. The portal Casinoz provides detailed rules for Spanish blackjack. There are also other articles devoted to this game.

We are going to offer you a review of Spanish blackjack developed by the well-known company GloboTech.

9.25 /10

Play Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack is an online Spanish blackjack with traditional rules. Six so-called Spanish decks consisting of forty-eight cards (without tens) are used in it. Jokers are not available. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game is the same almost in all versions of blackjack. You have to gain as many points as possible without exceeding twenty-one.
We are not going to describe the rules for Spanish blackjack released by GloboTech in detail, since there are no differences from the standard rules and regulations. Let's discuss only the key points:

  • The dealer hits on a soft 17 and stands on a hard 17.
  • There is insurance against blackjack.
  • If the scores are equal, the dealer wins.
  • It is possible to double on any number of cards.
  • The late surrender is available (at any stage of the game).
  • It is allowed to split.
  • An ace and any ten-value card on a box formed after a split can not be considered to be blackjack.

Payouts are standard:

  • Ordinary hand - 1:1
  • Blackjack - 3:2
  • Insurance - 2:1

Information about bonus payouts provided in Spanish blackjack is available below.

Spanish Blackjack Bonus games

Spanish blackjack released by GloboTech has hands that are paid according to special multipliers. Let's discuss them:

  • The winning box made up of seven cards - 3:1
  • The winning box made up of six cards - 2:1
  • The winning box made up of five cards - 3:2
  • 7, 7, 7 of different suits - 3:2
  • 6, 7, 8 of different suits - 3:2
  • 7, 7, 7 of the same suit - 2:1
  • 6, 7, 8 of the same suit - 2:1
  • 7, 7, 7 of spades - 3:1
  • 6, 7, 8 of spades - 3:1
  • 7, 7, 7 of the same suit and a dealer's face up 7 - 50:1

These payouts are not valid after a double.


There are no side bets in Spanish blackjack. Progressive jackpots are not provided.

Spanish Blackjack Interface

It is possible to control the gameplay of Spanish blackjack released by GloboTech using the following buttons:

  • New allows starting a new game
  • Cancel is used to remove all bets
  • Repeat allows making the same bet again
  • Deal is used to deal cards
  • Double allows doubling
  • Fold is used to stop playing (surrender)
  • Hit allows taking a card
  • Stand is used to stop taking cards
  • Split is used to split cards

It is possible to disable animation in the game.


Spanish blackjack released by GloboTech is a convenient online version of Spanish blackjack with an intuitively understandable interface. Many people like when it is not necessary to download the game, because it can be run directly in the browser.

Where to play Spanish Blackjack for free or real money?

It is possible to play Spanish blackjack for free and for real money at Azart Play Casino. Readers of Casinoz have an opportunity to test Spanish blackjack without registration directly on the portal.

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