Lux Roulette Review

A pretty realistic roulette with wide gaming and functional capabilities has been presented at some online casinos, powered by license Novomatic software. The model named «Lux Roulette» has been released by AbZorba Studio. Please read the review of this novelty, prepared by the experts of Casinoz.club, to find out more about all its advantages.

8.67 /10

Play Lux Roulette

«Lux Roulette» is a European roulette with a track for bets on neighbors and sectors (that is used to be call bets in offline casinos). Numbers from 0 to 36 are located in classic order at the wheel.
The general rules are traditional. It is necessary to guess which number or group of numbers the ball stops and place bets on these pockets to win. If you have no idea about how to play roulette, an article by the link would help you understanding the general rules.
We recommend to check the betting range directly at online casino where you are going to play at. Special limits are applied to different types of bets and the total bet per round.
«Lux Roulette» suggests to stake on one, two, three, four or size pockets at the field. Moreover, outside bets on color, odd/even, columns, dozens, high/low numbers are also accepted.
A track where you can place bets on neighbor and three sectors – Voisins, Orphelins and Tiers, is imaged aside. In first case, it is five pockets, situated next to each other at the wheel. Sectors with minimal bets take over groups of numbers. They are also carefully described in the experts article at Casinoz.club.
When the player launches the game, first of all he would be suggested to choose a table he wants to take. This is nothing more than formality supposed to make the gameplay even more realistic.
After that you need to choose chips to use. Different chips are allowed to stake in one spin.
Then you place your chips at different fields and sectors. It is possible to combine the bet, not exceeding the limits.
Payoffs are calculated and made automatically. This is how the round ends.

Lux Roulette Bonus games

Any prize payouts or bonus rounds are not provided by the rules.


«Lux Roulette» doesn't offer any progressive jackpots to the gamblers.

Lux Roulette Interface

As «Lux Roulette» has classic rules, the main advantage of this game is the interface and design. We have already told about pretty realistic animation and lovely design in general.
The chips are selected at the center of the panel. To place a bet, you need to click at the proper field. When you hover the mouse at different positions, you highlight numbers, which have been staked on.
The buttons which allow to remove chips from the field, start a new round, repeat the bets and etc. are situated at the right of the control panel.
You can find statistics at the left. It shows last numbers, «cold» and «hot» pockets, as well as other data.
Rules of the game are described on the Help («I» at the left top corner). There you can also find out more about all basic features of this model.
This game allows to maximize the screen and switch off the sound. «Lux Roulette» is available in a browser. You don't need to install it to the hard drive. Mobile version is supported by most modern devices, including iPhone and smartphones powered by Android.


This is a wonderful novelty for the fans to play on European roulette with track at online casinos. It has a beautiful design, a convenient interface and a plenty of interesting features, that makes the gameplay pretty comfortable and exciting. We should also say about wide range of bets and low demands to Internet speed and computer productivity.

Where to play Lux Roulette for free or real money?

You can test «Lux Roulette» free or play for real money at StarGames and other online casinos, powered by AbZorba Games software.
We have a demo video about all features of the novelty at Casinoz.club. It is recommended for watching.
You can share your impressions of this game in comments. We are always happy to get fair responses and objective rates from the readers.
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